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Mission Statement

Changing the Shape of your Future.
Providing the focus, motivation and partnership needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

My Values

Dedicated to constant development; physically, mentally and spiritually to provide the necessary support and guidance to those around me.

About You

Fed up with fad diets and quick fixes and looking to make a long term commitment to your health and wellbeing?

Prepared to put in the work and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments that will bring back your self confidence and the missing skip in your step?

Is there an obstacle holding you back from the life you deserve? This is now your chance; not to start a new diet or a new therapy, but to start a new you!


“I started training with Richard in September 2017, 3 months after having my second baby. It was a difficult pregnancy where I had been unable to exercise and was on crutches for several months – so I had put on much more weight and lost a lot of muscle strength and support. Richard’s depth of fitness knowledge and his approach of fantastic support with just the right amount of challenge has helped me tremendously. I have never in my life felt confident taking a body ‘before and after’ but seeing the results after just three months of working with him has been hugely positive and motivational. I have lost more weight, shaped up and increased my fitness strength even more since this last photo was taken and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can achieve with his help! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Julia, 34, Bucks

“When Richard and I started working together 18 months ago I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was very unfit, two stone over weight, two dress sizes larger and with no previous history of exercising. I was struggling physically; feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy and just not myself. I was also struggling mentally, with anxiety and depression having come out of a long-term relationship and had really lost my confidence. I felt terrible about my body image and I knew something had to change. I had a terrible track record with going to the gym, I was all membership and no attendance, I just had no willpower at all, or so I thought. I also used food as a comfort and coping mechanism, so the odds were stacked against me. My last hope was seeing a personal trainer, which is when I found Richard.

Richard believed in me from the start (even though I thought he was crazy to do so), he was right; I could achieve things I never thought possible and I will continue to do so with his support and inspiration to challenge the shape of my future!”

L. Perrott

“With no pun intended, Richard Marques is a remarkable Trainer! During the nearly three years I have trained with him, he has worked with me to improve my strength, flexibility and health. A not inconsiderable achievement as I have virtually no ligaments in my knees, calcification of my shoulders and have a bus pass. He is thoughtful about exercise, plans ahead to ensure that all elements are covered and continuously upgrades his own skills and personal development which he then brings back to his clients. He is very motivational, makes my sessions interesting and fun and I trust his judgement implicitly. On top of that he is a really nice guy.

S. Garvso